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Spatial Thinking Training 2.0

If you want to improve your spatial thinking you are very welcome on this website. With the help of more than 700 tasks you can train and diagnose the ability to think spatial. Beginning from lower secondary school students up to students at colleges and universities can work with this platform. Here we provide scientific based online tasks which are packed into 24 training and diagnosis tasks groups. The online task groups also offer educators the opportunity to diagnose the spatial ability of their students in a differentiated way by class, by group or individually.

The training task groups are designed to be integrated directly into school lessons and home lessons in a playful way. All 24 task groups consist of 20 up to 60 interactive tasks. It will take between 15 up to 45 minutes to solve all the tasks of one task group.
The various training and diagnosis task groups offered on this website are available to all users in the educational sector free of charge.

System requirement: Your device should have a screen resolution of at least 800px in width to see all the tasks in a proper manner!

Have fun with the exercises!